Dental Amalgam: It’s Not Mercury Poisoning


In the midst of the search for what is wrong with you, there is a good chance you may begin to wonder if you have high levels of mercury. It’s a possibility. But if you do, then you should stop eating swordfish. Don’t let anyone convince you to have all your fillings pulled out.

There are some who are convinced that dental amalgam is poisoning Americans. And some of these people are quite sincere. However, the chances of this being your problem are very small and the chance of this being a scam by an unscrupulous dentist or doctor who wants to use your fear and anxiety as a tool to extract cash from your bank account is very high.

First of all, you might want to read about the entire subject on the excellent site, Quackwatch:

and here:

and here is wikipedia’s take on the matter:

And just in case you aren’t yet convinced, here is more data for you:

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