Oldest Everest Climber Sets New Record

Not only has 80 year old  Yuichiro Miura set a new world record for the oldest man to summit Mount Everest, but his nemesis, 81 year old Min Bahadur Sherchan is already on his way up the mountain to break that record.

Five years ago Miura, at age 75, reached the summit of Everest only to realize that Sherchan, a man one year his senior, had beaten him to the top by a single day, snatching away his hopes to set a new world record.

So finally after five years, even though it may not last for more than a few days, he has set that record with his second climb to the top. Luckily, Miura’s goal is not so much the record setting itself but his ability to display to the world that age shouldn’t limit one’s dreams and goals.

His rival has an equally noble purpose, hoping to alert the world to the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons.