Privacy Policy

Re.lyable considers all published content to be our own, with the exception of any comments posted by users, which are regarded as public information. We may display this information on our website or otherwise reuse, save, or search it. Also, search engines can and do index our site.

Any email addresses collected from users will only be used for newsletters or email blasts, and never sold to third parties. We respect your privacy and think spam is boring. Frankly, it’s even more boring to make than it is to get, because making it requires putting yourself into the mindset of a marketing douchebag. And that’s a terrible way to think, isn’t it? I mean, what if your brain sticks like that and you have to live the rest of your life as a marketing douchebag? Of course, if you are required by the exigencies of your job to think like a marketing douchebag then damage will be done, and there’s not much you can do about that, except perhaps to fight back in tiny passive aggressive ways, such as while writing the privacy page of an advertorial. Well, such is life. You can’t win every battle, or some days any battle at all. I’m glad we’ve had this moment together.