Probiotics and FODMAPS, yes or no?


If you are in the early stages of removing FODMAP foods from your diet, you may be wondering if you should also give up probiotics. Will they confound the process by giving aid to the bad bacteria that have created an evil empire in your intestines? Or will they instead support the rebel army in their attempts to re-colonize your insides with wholesome, healthy bacteria? Whose side are they on, anyway?

This post from the woman who runs, gives us a starting point to think about the subject (you wanted a more committed response than that, didn’t you?).

Here is the book that she is pimping, which talks about using FODMAP elimination to improve your IBS. I’m assuming that any regimen that improves IBS would also improve SIBO, since they may be kind of the same thing. I like how all the books on Irritable Bowel Syndrome have a photo of an ecstatic, attractive woman on the cover. I suppose when you think about alternative graphic opportunities, it makes sense.



And just to keep flogging a dead horse, here is a nice PDF info-graphic from, that gives you a rundown of  good and bad FODMAP foods:

Soon you’ll be boring all your friends with the latest in digestion-related acronyms!



  1. Anonymous said:

    Thanks for bringing up the issue, but I’m still wondering…

  2. Anonymous said:

    So your answer to this question is a qualified non-committal?

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