Turmeric & Pepper Doesn’t Seem To Help Caloric Restriction Diets


In an interesting study on the effects of popular supplements on longevity, doctors have shown that the active ingredient in Turmeric, called Curcumin, does not seemingly accentuate the positive effects of a caloric restriction diet. At least in mice.

The doctors also tested piperine, which is an active ingredient in pepper spice, and which has been shown to enhance the effects of Tumeric.

The positive effects of caloric restriction on lifespan are well known, in humans and mice, however the doctors were hoping to increase this effect through the beneficial effects of the Turmeric.

Five sets of mice were fed high fat diets, then two sets had their calories reduced while another two sets had their calories reduced while adding Curcumin and piperine. The mice were then sacrificed and their innards examined.

While the caloric restriction helped all the mice, in terms of their immune responses and general inflammation, the addition of the other supplements seemingly did nothing at all.

Your takeaway from this experiment? If you are eating a high fat diet, consider caloric restriction.

And secondly, if you are thinking of reincarnating, don’t opt for lab rat.

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