Sugar Free Vanilla Marshmallows From A Pair Of Identical Twins


My wife is now desperately trying not to eat all sorts of sweet things. And she tells me that this recipe looks really good to her right now.

I will have to take her word for that, because I can still eat genuinely sweet things like chocolate and raisinettes and ice cream. For me, the idea of swallowing a wad of coagulated beef-gelatin sweetened with Stevia and vanilla is about as appetizing as eating a decorative tea candle. But if you are like her, and can’t eat all the real stuff, maybe these sugar-free vanilla-flavored cubes will address your hunger pangs.

The recipe is from a website created by a pair of cute, identical twins with digestion issues.


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  1. Anonymous said:

    the one on the left looks different.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Marshmallows should be made with corn syrup, the American way!

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