Guilt-Free Meat


Are you concerned about the ethics of your high-meat diet?

After all, you are encouraging the killing of sentient creatures. And even if you purchase ‘cruelty-free,’ grass-fed beef, those huge, loving animals are still being led, in the prime of their lives, one by one, to a tiny stall where their brains are knocked out of their heads by a metal rod or a blast of gas.

Well, if you do occasionally have pangs of moral anxiety about the vast string of killings you are personally responsible for, then be heartened somewhat by the news that in the not-too-distant-future you will be able to purchase your paleo fix in a new and decidedly non-paleo manner — by heading to the supermarket and paying for lab-grown ground beef.

Even those who are unconcerned about slaughtering animals should find this news encouraging, because animal husbandry is a very dirty business. Pastures and croplands take up 35% of the Earth’s ice-free surface, after all, and it is far more economical to grow healthy crops for humans than crops to feed the animals that we eat by the millions.

Sadly, even though scientists are close to being able to create an artificial hamburger, it will still be at least a decade before commercialization can make something affordable, palatable and visually appealing for the everyday consumer.


Here’s the story:

And for those dedicated caveman dieters who glibly respond that you couldn’t care less about the moral responsibility of eating animals, here is a nice video for you:


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