Guess Where This Beer Comes From?


Japanese brewers, Sankt Gallen, have a habit of promoting themselves with unusual concoctions. This one was created with a coffee base that had been brewed from beans pulled from the poop of an elephant.

But this isn’t just a marketing gimmick gone crazily awry, animal feces retrieved drinks, especially coffee, have a long and varied history in southeast asia.

Apparently, the beast’s digestive systems break down the protein in the coffee beans, and this protein, according to aficionados, is what gives coffee its bitter flavor.

Thus, a little pre-digestion from an elephant and your coffee is as smooth and flavorful as a baby elephant’s butt.

It’s called Un, Kono Kuro which is a pun on the Japanese word for crap (unko).

It is also wildly expensive. Elephants are after all not the most efficient coffee machines. But if sales figures are any indication, when brewed into a coffee and then brewed into a beer, the results are magnificent.