Boil Your Coffee To Live Longer


Scientists, who were confused by the persistent habit of certain Greeks to live long lives, have discovered that coffee may in fact be the culprit.

Specifically ‘boiled Greek coffee’ which is a slightly different method of preparation than your standard drip variety.

To be even more specific, drinking coffee made by Greeks has been shown to help your endothelium, which is a thin layer of cells that line the interior surface of blood and lymphatic vessels in your body. With a more robust endothelium, you, or any random drinker of boiled coffee, will be better protected against cardiovascular disease. Which means you will live longer.

Greek men and women from the notoriously long-lived island of Ikaria took part in this study and the researchers discovered a direct link between the amount of boiled coffee consumed and the health of the drinker’s endothelium. And this is not a tiny statistical bump; the Ikarians are ten times more likely to live past 90 than your average European.

So if you are like me, your next question will be, ‘how exactly do I go about making some of this?’

And your answer can be found here:

And just as importantly, here is the device you can purchase on Amazon:

In case you doubt the veracity of this valuable piece of information, here is the article in question:

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