The Annoying Way to Weight Loss


We are always ready to bring you the latest in dietary and metabolism technology, even the kind that hasn’t technically been built yet.

And in service to this goal, we bring you a new Kickstarter project called the HAPIfork, a smart utensil that tracks your eating habits, in order to promote healthier, slower meals.

Already nearly a third of the way to its goal of $100k, the HAPIfork ┬áis based on the somewhat questionable idea that what we eat isn’t nearly as important as how fast we eat it.

Essentially, this electric eating utensil keeps track of how often you take a bite and if it thinks you might be rushing things, it alerts you with a beep and vibration.

Information relating to your eating habits can be uploaded for later perusal, and for true obsessives, this information can be broadcast to the world along with photos of the food you’ve just eaten.

Beware, HAPI-toilet paper could very well be next.