Starve A Brain To Fix A Brain


For those of you experiencing brain fog or cognitive impairment of any sort that seems to be related to your digestion issues, starting a ketogenic diet may be high on your to-do list.

We are mentioning Paul Jaminet a lot on this site because his Perfect Health Diet seems to be well suited to dealing with issues of SIBO and its associated symptoms. Here is a great link that spells out the ways to go about inducing ketogenesis, along with a discussion of whether or not you would want to do such a thing. Some of you wouldn’t.

Even if you are going to move to a regimen other than The Perfect Health Diet promoted by Mr. Jaminet, this post may be helpful, especially if you’ve wondered if you might have a bacterial or parasitic infection (not that you should start worrying, if you haven’t already).

Be sure to continue reading on into his comment section because he is unusually good about responding to all his reader’s comments. I’m guessing he spends a lot of time at his computer.

Here is more info on ketogenic diets:

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