Is Your Diet Giving You A Glucose Deficiency?


If you’re trying out a low carb diet, such as one of the hardcore Paleo diets, The Perfect Health Diet or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, you may find yourself getting dry eyes and feeling unusually fatigued.

If so, don’t just assume this comes with the territory and try to soldier on …because you might be experiencing glucose deficiency.

Paul Jaminet of the Perfect Health Diet explains: “But then as you start going below 25 percent carbs or so, then your body has to adapt to a scarcity of glucose. It does that with some hormonal changes that can also impact blood lipids.” 

Jaminet’s concern, and his personal experience, led him to recommend a minimum level of glucose in the diet in the form of his ‘safe starches,’ such as potatoes and white rice. The idea is that the toxins in such starches are very minimal after normal cooking, and so it is relatively safe to get your needed carbs through them, rather than more toxic foods such as a tasty pizza.


Here is a great overview and discussion of the subject, from


And here is a link to a provocative PaleoHacks post on the subject:



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