This Tiny Robotic Pill Will Sample Your Intestinal Fauna


Traditionally, it’s been an arduous task to sample the variety of bacteria living in the intestinal tract. But a newly developed drug delivery and measurement system has made a thorough sampling of your body’s multitudes as simple as swallowing a pill.

Of course it is a rather large pill.

But thanks to micro-electronics and wireless technology, the Medimetrics IntelliCap can make its way naturally through your esophagus, your large and small intestines, and then into the hands of a trusted doctor, mapping and sampling all along the way.

This means that not only will your physician be able to get a first hand glimpse of the variety of bacteria ensconced along your intestinal tract, but researchers will also be able use this technology to test the accuracy of claims made by those selling supplements or probiotics. Claims that one product might help fight unwanted bacterial infections, for instance, can now be quantified and proven.

With such rigorous testing, customers can be confident that the products they purchase today on faith will be backed by scientific data in the future.

This technology might also be used for timed delivery of substances in the upper or lower intestine, in order to influence body’s microbiome.


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