Terrifying News For Inflammatory Disease Sufferers…


Anyone suffering from an inflammatory disease (which could include irritable bowel syndrome as well as a host of others), should be interested in this breaking news from Nature Medicine.

The upshot is that a new study has discovered that mice, whose bodies bear the brunt of most scientific research, do not produce the same patterns of gene expression as human beings do, when it comes to inflammatory diseases.

This throws into question just about any study of inflammatory disease ever made and stands as a roadblock on the path to developing new therapeutic responses.

Doctors compared new and historical sets of data from mice and humans, focusing on their gene expression profiles in the face of inflammatory diseases such as burns, trauma or sepsis.  What they discovered was that human beings across the spectrum of physical appearance and age responded in much the same way.

But the correlation to that of mice was virtually random.

Although this is a preliminary study, and the researchers only investigated a single strain of mice, these results should be sobering to any doctors engaged in research on inflammatory diseases. It also points to a possible reason why doctors have been so unsuccessful in developing medications for diseases such as sepsis and even more subtle diseases involving inflammation such as IBS, or perhaps even Alzheimer’s.




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