Rheumatoid Arthritis? You Are So Lucky.


Doctors investigating the genetic causes of ┬áinflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, and rheumatoid arthritis have discovered, through an analysis of multiple studies, that the exact same stretches of DNA responsible for these diseases were once a great boon to human survival.

Which means that these aren’t just random mutations that have managed to survive despite the terrible suffering they cause. ┬áIt might seem odd, but what this research tells the victims of these diseases is that, at one point in the recent course of human evolution, the alterations present in your DNA that have caused your problems actually helped one of your ancestors to survive.

Most likely these changes helped mankind fight a particular virus, bacteria or other dangerous pathogen, probably one that no longer even exists. But the scars of that ancient evolutionary battle live on in the genes of the survivor’s sons and daughters, causing havoc and ruining lives.

Yes, it sucks to have multiple sclerosis, but what this study tells us is that if you have it, you would probably never have existed otherwise.