On Advertorials


I am trying to find ways to make this site self sustaining, and so my first inclination is to try some direct advertorial pages. The problem is that there is an inherent contradiction between the integrity of thought that a site like this requires in order to build trust and the intense lack of integrity required for advertorial pages. Or really advertisements in general.

Although I have always made my living in the realm of advertising, I am deeply skeptical of it, and even more skeptical of the people who do it. But I don’t see how this site could exist without generating money… So my current thought is to create a series of advertorials that are loosely firewalled from the rest of the site, so that people who click on links and are taken to the advertorials can be funneled into the legitimate content sections, however people perusing the content will hardly ever encounter links going to the advertorial pages. Sort of a legitimacy funnel, which is the reverse of your usual advertising path.

I see this as similar to the differences between the front of the free Weekly-style local papers that used to exist in all major cities and the back end of those same papers that were always filled with get rich quick schemes and escort ads. In this case, the advertorials will probably be for weight loss and beauty products. Unless something else sells.