This Madmen-Era Diet Is Sweeping The Nation


You wouldn’t think a diet supplement discovered back in the days of Don Draper would be the hottest new weight loss craze almost sixty years later. But millions of Americans are trying it, and celebrities as different as Dr. Oz and Britney Spears have been talking about it, some discussing weight loss of up to a pound a day …and some just showing off a slender new profile.

It’s called the HCG Diet, and its history is as fascinating as the supplement itself.


The Origin of the HCG Diet:

Back in the early 1950s, British endocrinologist Albert T.W. Simeons was treating undernourished mothers in India when he made a discovery that was to change his life forever. In a paper he later published in the British medical journal, Lancet, he reported that low doses of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) helped his patients burn stored fat rather than muscle. He reasoned that this basic hormone was programming the hypothalamus by telling the body to burn unwanted adipose tissue (fat) and to protect the lean muscle that it needed.

From this simple discovery, he reasoned that overweight patients could reap the same benefits, because the HCG would help them burn off their unwanted flab, if used in conjunction with a low calorie diet. Best of all, the HCG he administered helped prevent those hunger pangs that so often ruin an ambitious diet plan.

The doctor published a book about his experiences and, if you’d like to follow up yourself, here is a link to download his manuscript for free: Pounds & Inches

Eventually, as America moved into the turbulent 1960s, Dr. Simeons’ work was largely forgotten.

But recently, thanks to a popular revival of his research and behavioral studies, the entire HCG protocol is once again slimming waistlines and improving health all across America. But this time, with a new focus on safer strategies and substances.


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How is the HCG Diet Different Today?

Despite all the excitement that this MadMen-era Diet is generating in the field of weight management, there are some significant improvements to Dr. Simeons’ original formulation.

First of all, direct hormone injections for the purposes of weight loss are not only painful, but they require a doctor to administer them. For this and many other reasons, the FDA decided a few years ago that HCG injections for weight management were no longer allowed. Instead, they approved only two different types of supplements to be used for HCG Protocol Diets: homeopathic drops, which are taken orally, and herbal supplements, which are technically not HCG at all, but which mimic the metabolism-boosting qualities of the HCG hormone. If you buy HCG today, you will certainly be purchasing one of these two kinds.

Both these forms follow the guidelines set forth by Dr. Simeons to induce quick, effective weight loss—increased metabolism and natural fat burning, combined with a suppressed appetite.


First, there are homeopathic HCG drops, which must be taken orally. This form has managed to remain legal because it is administered in smaller doses that are consumed rather than injected into the bloodstream.

Since they aren’t injected, HCG drops aren’t governed by the same laws that regulate intravenous drugs.

Although either of the two currently approved methods can work if a patient carefully follows the diet plan, only one method uses genuine HCG in its formulation. The trick, no matter where you find your product, is to carefully read the fine print and make up your own mind about the efficacy of each different form. The diet, after all, is more than just the drops you take, it is a significant change of eating habits and behavior.


Where to get it:

So if you are interested in burning away the excess fat that your body has been storing for winter, your next question should be which type of HCG is right for you. If you’re looking for genuine HCG in its homeopathic form, then we’ve found a few reliable sources.

Probably the most successful company selling this form is HCG Triumph, which markets a number of different diet programs centered on their proprietary HCG drops.

Although this company’s basic weight loss program includes HCG drops in addition to a vitamin supplement to help you maintain your low calorie diet, the most effective program they sell at the moment is the HCG Beach Body Bundle. This program is quite robust, because in addition to a full bottle of HCG, they include supplements and diet aids that help you stick to your program.




The Beach Body Bundle also includes appetite control supplements with raspberry keytones to help you address the cravings that come between drops of HCG, appetite suppressant gum, Slim Meal Replacement shakes, and Trulicious flavor enhancer to help you stick to the HCG protocol by adding flavor to your meals. This flavor enhancement technology adopts some of the new techniques you may have heard about from other diet plans, but adds them to the original HCG regimen for extra power.

In addition, you’ll receive Free Live Coaching at no additional cost. This last addition is especially useful, because when entering into a diet program, it helps to talk to knowledgeable guides that can help you through the rough patches.

If you click through to the HCG Triumph site, be sure to read their success stories, so that you can judge for yourself if you’re ready to go on a plan this rigorous. No diet is easy, but with results like the ones below, you can’t help but see why HCG is the diet protocol that refused to be forgotten!



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But what if you just want the drops?

If you aren’t fully committed, or if you’re confident of your ability to manage the behavioral changes that any weight loss plan requires, then it might be better to simply try the drops themselves and be satisfied with losing fewer pounds to start with.

After all, no diet is worth making yourself miserable, and it’s far better to lose a few pounds and remain healthy than to lose 25 pounds and feel like a total wreck.

For those who only want the drops, here is a link to a respected source that is currently offering free overnight shipping with their product. In addition, this company stresses that their HCG drops are created in America at an FDA-registered facility, and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee:

Here’s the link:



What if you don’t want any hormones at all?

Of course there are a lot of people who don’t want to use any product created with human hormones, even in tiny amounts. But luckily, there are a number of products that mimic the behavior of traditional HCG through the use of legal supplements that boost metabolism in much the same way that Dr. Simeons described.

The most reliable source for this form is HCG Drops Direct.

The active ingredient of their diet aid is called Irvingia Gabonensis, a proven metabolism booster that clinical studies have shown can generate a 5.75% weight loss in patients after as little as one month (to be specific, that equals 12 pounds lost by a 200 pound person).

As you can see from this Wikipedia page, at least three double-blind scientific studies have documented the effect:

Irvingia Gabonensis is completely vegan, and is safe for all ages.


This month, HCG Drops Direct is also providing free shipping on all orders:


But of course the  most important ingredient to any diet plan is the right attitude and a willingness to change your behavior. Even with the strongest HCG drops on the market today, you won’t lose that weight unless you’re willing to change the way you’ve been living your life.







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